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UFOs in Italy and Russia this week and more

Weekly Roundup April 7, 2023

#3 RED LIGHT RING- A photographer in Italy snapped a photographic jewel of a shot this last week of a large pulsating red ring in the sky. Scientists are calling the ring an ELVE (“emission of light and very low-frequency perturbations due to electromagnetic pulse sources”). The ELVE explanation is based on electricity created by lightning within severe thunderstorms that create the visual image of a red ring. Then again, the Italian ring isn’t the only UFO making headlines in Europe this week. A UFO was also spotted in St. Petersburg, Russia near a nuclear power plant. The object created enough concern that warning sirens were used.

A ring of red light appears to hang above an Italian town. (Image credit: Valter Binotto)

#2 EM FIELD FOUND ON EXOPLANET- The exoplanet YZ Ceti b appears to have an electromagnet field which is one of the necessary elements for supporting life. Satellite radio wave telescopes in New Mexico recently discovered the EMF waves giving hope to scientists that more could be discovered on other distant planets. If YZ Ceti b does have life, its inhabitants will have to visit us until we figure out how to make the twelve light-year trip ourselves. Then again, maybe they already have.

#1 UFO FUNDING AND DEBRIS- After several UFOs/Chinese spy balloons were shot down by the American Military last month congress is wanting more funding for AARO (the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office). Previous efforts to increase AARO’s operating budget were unsuccessful. Legislators feel they may now get the funding they are asking for in light of recent events. The Pentagon has asked for $11 million in research funds.

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