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UFO in New U.S. Intelligence Emblem

A UFO appears on the brand-new U.S. intelligence emblem.

On September 26, 2022, an announcement was made that there is a new emblem for the office of National Intelligence Manager for Aviation (NIM-Aviation) which is a branch of US National Intelligence.

Three conventional aircraft appear on the emblem along with an obvious traditional saucer-like UFO (indicated by the red arrow).

This is a clear indication by the U.S. government that there are unidentified flying objects exist, and that the government may consider them to be a possible threat.

Here is the description for the duties of NIM-Aviation:

The National Intelligence Manager for the Air Domain serves as the Director of National Intelligence's principal adviser on air domain issues. NIM-Aviation leads Intelligence Community efforts to identify, analyze, and integrate intelligence on threats and vulnerabilities in the air domain. NIM-Aviation coordinates with air domain community stake holders (defense, federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, international, private sector, and academia) to support and advocate for intelligence priorities and opportunities to strengthen the safety and security of the Air Domain.
Source: by Mary Joyce
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