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Your FREE Issue of Un-X Magazine is Available Now!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

It is finally here! The latest issue of Un-X Magazine is out and it is chock full of paranormal articles. As a special surprise bonus to Un-X Members, this Spring digital issue is FREE to Un-X Members only!

In this Issue: Cherokee Little People Were Real, A Pixie Sighting in Ireland, Ghosts and Graveyards, Nature Spirits, Fairy Rings Explained, Fast-Mover UFO Sightings, The 1973 Grand Tower UFO Sightings, Consciousness and Contact (an interview with Rey Hernandez), Starlink Satellites, Word Search, and more!

Read your free Spring, 2022 issue now!:

Download PDF • 21.66MB

Please let us know what you think.

All Un-X Magazines are available as a digital download or order a print copy and have it mailed to you. All of the past issues are also available. Here is the link to order:

Link to all issues of Un-X Magazine:

Managing Editor: Lee Speigel, Publisher: Un-X Media

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