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New Shows on the X!

By Race Hobbs

I am SO EXCITED to announce the arrival and premiere of four NEW shows on The X!

The first is a great friend of mine that I have known for many years and most of you know him as our managing editor of the UnX Magazine- Lee Speigel! He is the host of Edge of Reality Radio! There is a really great story behind Lee's return to radio some years back with me, and I look forward to sharing that with you all sometime soon! Check the Un-X Show page soon for all the details about Lee and his new program. His show premieres this Thursday night at 7pm Eastern- 4pm Pacific exclusively on The X.

Premiering right after Lee Spiegel and 'Edge of Reality Radio' will be Rey Hernandez and .Consciousness' and Contact! Rey is a premiere personality when it comes to the academic study of contact modalities and has been on the frontline studies of contact for years with some of the brightest minds working inside and outside the field. Rey's show premieres this Thursday night at 8;30pm Easten - 5:30pm Pacific, exclusively on the X!

Our 3rd show to premiere this week is Somewhere In Dreamland with Ken Mark. On Ken's show you will find the bizarre, paranormal, spiritual, strange, and anything otherworldly. Every week, Ken interviews authors, researchers, professionals, and experiencers in the paranormal fields. He has such an awesome personality and I know he will be a great fit here on The X. His show premieres right after Jimmy Church and Fade to Black this Thursday night! Technically it's Friday morning at 1 am Eastern but, Thursday night.

Now, last but certainly NOT LEAST, we welcome Roderick Martin and 'Why The Big Secret' to the UnX Fam.

Roderick uses an entertaining and informative cultural lens to provide a rare glimpse into the minds of paranormal experiencers with the hope of better understanding their psychological traumas. With the help of in-depth research, he delves deep into the lives and stories that can make a difference in the unexplained.

'Why The Big Secret' Premieres on The X line-up this Friday Night at 8pm Eastern-5pm Pacific.

Welcome to The Un~X Network gentlemen!

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