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Missouri Hotel Surprisingly Haunted

By Margie Kay

X-Con 2023 was held at the Oasis Hotel in Springfield, Missouri. Little did we know that the site is very haunted, since it doesn't appear on any haunted sites. I have attended multiple events at this site in the past 15 years and never had anything paranormal happen - that is until X-Con!

Many people attending said that they saw shadows walking across the stage, floating on the ceiling, and in the main conference area. One person saw a ghost of a kitchen worker and asked a hotel staff member if they could see it on the state, and he said, "You see him too?" Apparently, some ghosts from the neighboring "Campus Hotel" visit often. According to the banquet staff, a little girl and a busboy are often seen at both hotels, which are owned by the same company.

I wrote an article about these events in the November issue of Un-X Magazine, but since then have found more information. Staff told me that the main areas that are haunted are the conference center and the kitchen behind it. However, some people said that spirits were visiting them in their hotel rooms as well! A few sprays of Michelle Reuss' special negativity remover, and one ghost left a conference-goer's room.

All of this has inspired us to concentrate on paranormal investigations for our 2024 conference October 11-13. Friday will include presentations and workshops including how to use paranormal equipment and how to use dowsing rods and pendulums, as well as a paranormal investigation that evening at the hotel with professionals heading teams.

Michelle Reuss
Dan Terry

Michelle Reuss of Riverside Paranormal, and Dan Terry, host of Most Haunted, will be conducting two of the investigations. We believe that this will be the first time professional paranormal teams have investigated the site. Stay tuned for more information coming soon! Registration for X-Con 2024 will be open in January.

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