UnX News Mag Hot Off the Press!

Updated: Jan 20

The latest issue of UnX Magazine is now available. Our own Lee Speigel wrote a fantastic article about how a new film restoration may prove the existence of Bigfoot. Also, Katie Griboski (Colorado State Director of the Mutual UFO Network) wrote an in-depth article about the late Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, a University of Wyoming Professor of Psychology, whose breakthrough research had a huge impact on the UFO community. Our own Dan Terry, host of "Most Haunted," wrote two articles about the Flatwoods Monster and Bigfoot for this issue, and there are a lot more great articles!

Get a digital copy for just $1.99 or a print copy for only $12.99 at https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2154063?__r=132208

UnX Magazine is seeking articles for the next issue. If you are a writer and have something paranormal to share, please send an email to unxnewseditor@gmail.com. See the writer guidelines on this website.

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