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Government & UFO Secrecy: Live from D.C. Tonight!

Updated: Oct 7

This discussion and Q&A between two of the leading Disclosure activists in the country will be broadcast to a live audience in Ashland, OR (1757 Ashland Street - Free admission) and to the internet via YouTube.

Join renowned civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan and veteran Disclosure activist Stephen Bassett to learn about the extraordinary and unprecedented recent developments at the “official level,” boots-on-the-ground style.

Both Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Bassett recently attended the historic July 26, 2023 congressional hearing and are currently closely engaged in and following the process underway.

During this two-hour event, the presenters will each give their assessment of the current state of the Disclosure process live from Washington, DC via teleconference and their thoughts about “what’s next.”

This will be followed by an “Ask Me Anything” segment where the presenters will answer audience questions via a moderator. Submit questions in advance to


Tuesday, October 3 -- 7 pm PDT (10 pm EDT)


KUNX Digital Broadcasting Network

Kansas City, Missouri Van Buren, Arkansas

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