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Giant Birds Disappear into Portal

Updated: Jan 16

By Margie Kay

A woman in a small town north of Kansas City, Missouri reported seeing two gigantic birds flying over her home in a rural area. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that she and two friends were having barbecue outside one evening in September 2023 when they noticed two huge birds fly out of an area across the road.

The location in question is being investigated by myself and another investigator as a possible portal, and we are calling the site the "North Farm" in order to protect the owners.

The witness has seen UFOs and balls of light coming out of this location, and even showed us a video she took of what looks like a spinning tornado or vortex. The three witnesses saw the giant birds simply appear out of the vortex area, fly around, then go back into the vortex again, becoming invisible.

The witness described the birds as the size of small aircraft with heavy pointed wings, grey in color, and elongated heads like those of a pterodactyl.

This is an ongoing investigation, and more information will be posted after we visit the site again.

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