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Bio-Surveillance, Bigfoot Movie, Vacation in Jail

Weekly Roundup

By Violet Wisdom


After 24 hours of deliberations, the EU (European Union) has no regulations in place for the use of AI in biometric surveillance. For clarification, an AI version of surveillance goes far beyond face recognition. New technology can identify you with DNA, the iris of your eye, your fingerprints, voice and how you walk. While some countries feel the practice should be banned others want to apply it to military and security use. Privacy laws in the United States require AI surveillance to be disclosed before use, although enforcement of this law looks to be a low priority. To what extent it is used beyond facial recognition by police departments and or federal agencies is currently unknown.


With only a title, a few actors names and confirmation that a bigfoot is part of the movie, Sasquatch Sunset will remain a mystery for a while longer. The Bleecker Street production directed by David and Nathan Zellner will be their second film to include bigfoot. The movie is set for a screening next month at the Sundance Film Festival.


I’m not referring to that moment as a mom you begin to see a weekend in jail as a fantastic alternative to your own reality. I’m talking about a REAL jail, a real haunted jail! The Jailer’s Inn, in Bardstown Kentucky has made the top of most haunted places lists with guests and staff reporting the sounds of whispers and walking over the years. Having served as a jail for nearly 200 years, there are plenty of past residents to do some serious haunting. With a beautiful courtyard and gorgeous rooms, I’m sure any visit would be a wonderful vacation. With several of the jail’s cells still on site, I would mind my P’s&Q’s just in case.

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