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CUBE UFOs Presentation March 14

The Un-X Network special presentation for March is being held live on March 14, 2024 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm Central Time on ZOOM

The guest speaker is Larry Tyree

Larry will cover:

1. When did we start to notice Cubes?  How many have been reported?

2. We will view 13 cases, all of which have images.

3. Of the photos in the most widely known cube cases, how reliable are they?

4. Why a cube shape?

5. What next?

Larry Tyree is a Field Investigator with Illinois Chapter of MUFON. He is also part of a Combined Photographic Analysis team (COPA) from both Missouri and Illinois investigators. He enjoys assisting MUFON investigators by examining video evidence and providing an analysis of the video.Previously he was Chief Investigator with the Missouri Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.

Larry has made numerous video lecture presentations that exhibit images and data from cases that he has investigated.Tyree noticed objects moving in and out of Blue Springs Lake several years ago, and has paid particular attention to the activity in this area. Many of them are very fast moving craft. He has been a frequent presenter at local and state MUFON chapter meetings and paranormal conferences in Missouri. His talks included topics such as Anomalies on the Moon, Anomalies on Mars, Solar Visitors, “The Fast Movers,” Highlights of his own sightings, High Strangeness, studying sightings using math, and more. Larry has had a number of his investigated cases highlighted in the national publication “The MUFON Journal” over the last several years. One recent case was included in “UFO Cases of Interest, 2019 Edition.”

His first book was co-written with Margie Kay and Bill Spicer and entitled “The Fast Movers”. Along with the same co-authors, a new book is being assembled and will be published hopefully sometime the Spring of 2024 entitled “Earth’s Unseen Inhabitants”.Tyree grew up in French Polynesia where he learned three languages. He is currently fluent in five languages. He travelled extensively around the world and for over twenty years was Director of Language Translations for an international denomination. He retired at the end of 2020, and lives with his wife in Naperville, Illinois. He has two married children and three grandchildren.

Un-X Network Subscribers may attend for free


Passcode: UFOMTG1

Passcode: UFOMTG1No need to pre-register, just click on the link​

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