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Being Paranormal

Being a paranormal enthusiast, researcher, or author does not automatically put one into the "woo-woo" category. It simply means that those of us in this field have an interest in things that are out of the ordinary. Perhaps the mundane world is just, well, TOO mundane for us!

According to one of the online dictionaries, Paranormal means "not scientifically explainable: supernatural." I disagree with this definition since anything paranormal could potentially be explained scientifically. After all, what are we doing with EMF meters, compasses, voice recorders, Tri-Field meters, ghost boxes, infrared cameras, night vision binoculars, and Rem Pods? These instruments do capture evidence. And there is a lot of it. Just turn on your TV and watch any number of paranormal programs, or better yet, tune in to Un-X Network and listen to any one of our shows. They are ALL paranormal in nature, and the guests have a lot of evidence.

Unlike online databases set up for UFO sightings and bigfoot sightings, the rest of the paranormal subjects have no home base. The world does not have a central online paranormal database resource. Perhaps we need to do something about that and create something together so everyone can see the mounds of evidence that professional investigators have obtained over the years. It would take the efforts of many to get this done, but the rewards would be great.

Contact Margie Kay at if you would like to participate.

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