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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Real Phantom

by Violet Wisdom

The Phantom of the Opera at the Princess of Wales Theatre, Toronto shankar s. from Dubai, united arab emirates

His opera may not have been actually haunted, but according to The Telegraph, his Eaton Square home in London was. Webber’s real life, in a sense I suppose, phantom, isn’t the only spook to visit the particularly entertaining region of England. Several theaters are known to be haunted and according to the article, even Sir Patrick Stewart saw one while performing in a play at one of the theaters. 

2006 Kennedy Center honoree Andrew Lloyd Webber

While Webber states he never saw the ghost, it had a strange habit of collecting up his scripts and putting them into a neat pile in a random room. The ghost left after a priest came to Webber’s home and blessed it.

From castles to pubs, London is packed with nearly as many ghost stories as humans. London pass ranks the #1 most haunted spot the Liverpool Street Station with common sightings of ghost workers, #2 Bruce Castle, haunted by the Lady of the house who was murdered in the 1600’s and #Clink Prison which was built in 1144. For the entire list click here.

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