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3PNR at The Un-X Network


with Adam Rodriguez

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Live shows do not currently air on Un-X Network, but archived shows are available.

This is a journey to satisfy my curiosity in various topics including ghosts, the afterlife, extraterrestrial life, psychic abilities, conspiracy theories, and all other mysteries, as well as topics in health and quality of life improvement. I am not a writer, author or journalist just curious mind forming opinions based on my own theories. From childhood I was fascinated by subjects regarding the unexplained, I personally have never witnessed or experienced anything. Through curiosity and a wild imagination, I have formed My own theories and I look forward to hearing the eyewitness accounts and theories of others. 3PNR stands for 3 perspectives neutral research The 3 perspectives being Myself the guest and the audience. I have no solid position on any topic, I approach this with a completely open mind. I do not discuss politics and would respectfully ask that it not be brought up, I also ask that everyone respects the thoughts and opinions of others.

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