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Grew up knowing my grandmother & bridge friends were at our Florida Keys family home...late night, long time ago. Stunned they saw a "saucer" straight out in front over the ocean, hovering, silver top & bottom & multicolored lights around the middle rotating. They heard a slight whirring. They watched for several minutes until it quickly shot off. Over the next few days they heard many people also witnessed this, all up & down the Keys...My grandfather was a big UFO & Bermuda Triangle guy & I have all his old origial cool books. My husband saw 3 orange lights above tree line..then he made out the > type UAP. (this was 9/9/2001, 2 days before 911)Silently, slowly gliding over our street..then all of a sudden a huge solid beam of white light shot straight down to street right next door....gotta go but will add my sightings too


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