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X-Con Speaker Highlight- Hayley Ramsey

The Sacred Feminine: Her Secrets, Suppression & Resurrection

Hayley Ramsey is an author, researcher, and tour guide with a passion for history, esotericism and travel. She currently leads tours around the world investigating the mysteries of the past pertaining to megalithic sites, the Knights Templar, King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Her new book "The Bringer of Life: A Cosmic History of the Divine Feminine" was just released in March 2023.

Who and what is the divine feminine? What does She represent, and where can She be found? Hayley Ramsey starts at the beginning of time itself and explains the origins of goddess veneration and follows Her history chronologically through the rise and fall of civilizations around the world. How did the worship of the goddess affect society? What caused the shift from matriarchal society to a patriarchal society? What was the relationship between religions such as Christianity and the suppression of the goddess? Ramsey will examine the connections between Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and the Holy Grail while considering the importance of astrological precession. Many believe that She disappeared, but perhaps Her veneration went underground. Ramsey proposes the goddess and Her followers never disappeared, but instead She became shrouded in allegory and symbolism by different secret societies that still exist today. Is there a connection between the medieval Knights Templar, the divine feminine, and modern Freemasonry? Her secrets and symbols have been used to reveal Her presence to those who know where to look for many millennia, but just what exactly are these symbols and where does one find Her today?

Haley will be speaking on Wednesday, November 1st 1-2:30 p.m.

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