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1. ASK CHAT- In a continuous quest to determine exactly what UFOs are and where they come from, some people have decided they are done waiting on government officials for answers. They have instead turned to ChatGPT to read through the lines in redacted UFO related documents. So far there has been little more results than a few interesting X (twitter) posts.

2. ECLIPSE, EMBRACE OR RESIST?- While millions of people will be grabbing their eclipse glasses and headed for the best vantage points tomorrow morning, folklore surrounding a full solar eclipse surprisingly has one thing in common, it isn’t good. Many ancient and indigenous cultures believed the sun was being attacked by a dragon, beast or angry god. The Norse believed Loki sent a giant wolf to swallow the sun while it was believed an evil spirit named Rahu in India is the culprit. In Transylvania, the sun turned from humanity because she was disgusted by how men behaved on earth. A few more joyful beliefs include good luck for prosperity and romance. Today, many astrologists believe this is a sign for self care.

3. THE COSTUME OF THE YEAR- Is……Weird Barbie. It feels weird even typing that. I had to look up an image on this one and she pretty much looks like the Barbie at the bottom of the pile in every 8 year old girls toy box. A giant Oompa Loompa style pink dress with splashes of odd colors and patterns (pretty much what every sweater looked like in the late 1980s). Her hair looks like a five year old definitely found a pair of scissors. She’s apparently based on a character in this year’s Barbie movie which I haven’t seen yet, making my attempt to describe this whole phenomenon even more fun. For the complete list of top costumes by state no less, click here.

Violet Wisdom

Photo by Jongsun Lee / Unsplash

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