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Something NEW at the X: Special Monthly Presentations

Starting in June, 2022 the Un-X Network will host monthly special presentations on ZOOM in a webinar format. Presenters include researchers, investigators, authors, and experts in their fields. Each presentation will be held at 2:00 pm CST on a Saturday. The schedule is posted on our website, and the cost is $2.99 per session with registration required in advance.

To watch the seminars download the ZOOM app first at

Our first speaker on June 4, 2022 is Bill Spicer, and the topic is "Fast-Moving UFOs."

Specializing as an aircraft engineering consultant, Bill works as a design and technical lead for a small aviation design company. He has an aviation career that spans 45 years. He graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in design, and has worked on numerous aircraft, before specializing in the interior arrangements and certification.

In 2010 he authored a book of his experiences about being able to see UFOs/UAPs during the daytime using his Polorized UFO Observation Technique to record the UFOs/UAPs using a digital camera with proper UV filtering. He self-published book titled "Beyond Watching-A Journal of Experiences-Understanding UFO's", outlines his experiences and how he came about this discovery.

During this process, Bill communicated extensively with known astrophysicist Dr. Rudy S Child (Harvard) and others in the study of UFOs, such as author retired Rev. Barry Downing. His photos used in the book were examined by Dr. Rudy S Child who determined that the photos are not faked, and the quantum physics knowledge observed and shared by Bill may have proven a theory abouut how the UFOs operate. Through astral visions/dreams, he was shown how the UFOs use mental imagery, and electrodynamics to propel the orbs/ships which can go from matter to energy and cross time-space using quantum physics.

Bill is a co-author of the book "The Fast Movers: Evidence of High-speed UFOs/UAPs.

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