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Close Encounter with a Clan of Bigfoot in Colorado in 2018

Updated: May 5, 2023

By Margie Kay

When I spoke at the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in 2022 in Hastings, Nebraska I met a woman who had taken photos of UFOs, and asked her to send them to me, which she did. That was interesting enough, but then I found out that she had an amazing experience while camping in Colorado in August of 2018. I am always open to a good Sasquatch encounter, especially if the person seems legit, which Janice does.

Janice Magnuson is retired and currently living in Kenesaw, Nebraska. During a Bigfoot investigation trip in Baily, Colorado in August of 2018 Janice found that Bigfoot is real. She was with a group arranged by Robin Roberts and rode to the event with The Bigfoot Lady, Harriet McFeely, the organizer of the Bigfoot conference in Hastings.

Drawing of Bigfoot by Janice Magnuson

Janice experienced four nights of Bigfoot activity while camping at Pikes National Forest. There were ten tents pitched. Her tent was on the outside of four tents in a row. She said, “The first night, I saw the silhouette of a Bigfoot walk in between my tent and my friend’s tent. I became frozen in fear, sweating profusely, and my heart was pounding fast.”

Janice just lay awake on her cot the rest of the night, and she heard the crinkling of the bottom tarp of my tent. She realized that she was alone in her tent with no one to help if needed. Janice also heard pinecones tossed at her tent during the night and thought it was something that a Sasquatch would do. She checked around her tent the next morning and saw many pinecones laying on the ground next to the back of her tent.

The next night the front door zipper of the tent was being unzipped. Janice said that she thought she was going to die. She yelled “NO, NO” and the bigfoot ran off. She said, “There was a Bigfoot huffing at me and that went on all night long.”

One morning as the group sat around in their camp chairs drinking coffee, Janice looked down at her hiking boots and picked up a pinecone with some needles attached. She believes that Bigfoot gifted her. Strange as it seems, it came out of nowhere. During a hike that day, Janice was lucky enough to capture a photo of a Sasquatch in the forest.

On the third evening she heard running along the backside of her tent, and it sounded like a very large creature – much bigger than a human.

On the last and final night, Janice heard a Bigfoot pushing in on the door handle of her friend’s old camper van. He continued doing that throughout the night.

Janice gave six marbles to a friend on site to leave for the Sasquatch as a gift. Her friend could hear the rolling and crashing of marbles in a Bigfoot’s hand later that evening. Janice said that the last night was the most frightening of all. She heard a large, massive Bigfoot pounding the ground as he walked.

Janice said, “It is the God’s honest truth I’m telling you. I will NEVER sleep in a tent alone again!”

This experience goes to show that if you seek out Sasquatch they might just reward you with a visit.

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