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Best Decorated Halloween House Contest Winners 2022

The Un-X Network celebrated its first anniversary on October 31, 2022, and we held a contest for serious Halloween fanatics (like us!). Congratulations to all of the winners who received nice prize packages. There were a lot of good submissions, but we could only choose three, and here they are -

First Place - Sandy Williamson, Pearl, Mississippi.

From Sandy "Hey Margie! I'm still excited about Winning! My Husband (Eric Williamson) and I got married on 07/07/07. We have been Decorating our yard for Halloween and Christmas every year since then. I have to just say: It's Our thing. I would Decorate it and he would make the Magic Happen. He would light up the whole yard! We love hand making our own decorations. He Made the Huge Spider Web with Lights for the kids to walk under for Trick or Treating. He also made the Grave Yard fence. In the Past I hand made a Huge JACK and Zero (The Nightmare before Christmas) I've also Handmade a Theme from (Game of Thrones) The Iron Throne, A Huge Dragons Egg, and all the Signs for Each House. So, yea, We Love Decorating. My Husband works for T-Mobile 20+ some years and I'm a Retired Lieutenant at a Correctional Facility in Louisiana. Thanks so much! We have really enjoyed This!"

Second Place - Russell Watkins with Watkins Dead and Breakfast, Reisterstown, Maryland

Now here is a sample of true Halloween aficionados - how would you like to stay at this Dead and Breakfast? We think the sheer number of spiders would scare the heck out of anyone!

Third Place - Erick and Amy Elsass 1885 Haunted Victorian Home, Wadsworth, Ohio

The Elsass' decorated their home inside and out! Evidently, they are obsessed with Halloween, and dressed the parts as well!

We recommend starting your Halloween decoration planning for next year's contest now!

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