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AI Fears, Pentagon Silence, Space Dust

Weekly News Roundup by Violet Wisdom


Cornell University research scientists conducted quite the interesting experiment recently. While the subject was AI, the basic of the experiments could lead to a new category, AI Psychology. If that doesn’t creep you out I don’t know what would. The scientists decided to teach AI to be bad, very bad then tried to remove the negative behavior. The results solidify the warnings from top tech scientists, AI will be a problem. 

Using human behavior applications such as punish/reward systems and actual programming the researchers found AI retained the control. Just like a kid, it learned how to hide its bad behavior. 


Nearing two years of investigations, hearings and requests The House Committee on UAPs is finally getting a response out of the Pentagon. Unfortunately, it isn’t the one they asked for. Citing national security concerns, the Department of Defense (DOD) is keeping the lid on the information committee members have vowed to obtain. What makes this actual news is that previous attempts to get information out of the DOD have resulted in a run around from the department itself, and each branch of the military as UFO/UAP sightings reported are kept within the branch of service that the sighting occurred. 


4.6 BILLION YR OLD SPACE DUST PLANET INGREDIENTS A stainless steel canister containing a highly anticipated pay dirt landed at a military range in Utah last September. After four months, scientists at NASA were finally able to get it open and reach the bits of rock and dust collected from an asteroid named Bennu. Analysis is expected to provide specific information on what elements were present during the formation of earth. NASA will continue to collect from asteroids as this research moves forward. ??? Sounds suspicious to me. Richard Hoagland might have something to say about this...

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