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Weekly Roundup Week of January 23, 2023

By Violet Wisdom, staff writer for the Un-X Network

  1. Talk about UnXplained!! Apparently, this crazy red cloud seen over Turkey last week does have a scientific explanation. The sky formation looks like something out of a sci-fi movie or perhaps a prelude to the end of the world? Xplained or not, this one goes in the books under unbelievable phenomena.

2. New Book coming out in February uses the comic book style to tell age-old UFO/UAP American stories. The Book written by James Tynion IV is titled “Blue Book.”

3. Big News of The Week….Is earth’s core switching directions? This is one of those things our planet just does sometimes as recorded by seismic waves from the core. What if anything could be a result up here on the surface, maybe earthquakes?

Unfortunately, scientists have very little information on the subject. To be fair, it would be quite the trek to the center of the earth for a data excursion.

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