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Watch out for Mercury Retrograde and Hooray for Beltane!

By Violet Wisdom

Image: NASA

Have you ever been ill, but didn’t realize how sick you were until you got better? You know, that moment when you finally got dressed and made a piece of toast then felt like you deserved an Olympic medal? That’s what May first felt like spiritually for me. It wasn’t just a good day, it was a phenomenal day. I felt joyfully alive (to clarify, I still feel this way), deeply connected to nature, catching synchronicity from every direction, and meeting people that I can’t say for sure aren’t interdimensional. 

Beltane wreath. Image: Adobestock

I burst through the UnX office door to announce to Margie that I felt the veil was thinning. She felt it too, and that was the end of the conversation for the time-being. Being astrologically semi-illiterate, I hadn’t realized that May 1st, May Day or Beltane has always been known as the springtime thinning of the veil. There is a very real energy created by the rebirth of nature this time of year.

According to astrologists, this is a particularly fantastic time of year to connect with Fae, many of which protect nature, and more specifically,

AI image created by wix

woods and forests. Since ancient times it has also been known as a time for gaining spiritual insight and glimpses of the future as well as a period of prosperity and clarity in related life choices. For example, I started writing a book in November last year only to put it on the shelf after 30,000 words. Suddenly this weekend the book re-entered my mind clearing away any mental blockages and fixing issues pertaining to character roles and plot. To put it bluntly, if you’ve been beating your head against the wall over what direction to take in your life, now is the time to revisit that and get your answer. You have three months.

I’m not sure how your April was but Mercury Retrograde effects have proven to be quite real to me now. April was a month of problems, confusion and stress. If I would have known about MR and embraced the constant wackiness that came with it, I wouldn’t have been surprised by it all. I would have been able to see it for what it was, dealt with each moment as it came and moved on without a kinked neck and upset stomach. THIS is how we all can get through the next MR which begins on August 5 and goes until August 27. Thank goodness they only last a few weeks! 

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