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Some Great Conferences in 2023

If you're into conferences - and we know you are, here are some good ones slated for 2023: (See updates at on our event page)

January 27-28 or February 3-4, 2023 Crescent Hotel Eureka Springs Paranormal Weekend, Eureka Springs, AR

​​ Feb 10-13 Conscious life expo 21st year at the LAX Hilton

March 4-5 Alien Con

March 24-26 Oregon Ghost Conference March 17 Edinburg Texas UFO Festival ​April: Piedmont, Missouri 50th Anniversary UFO Festival TBA Co-sponsored by the Un-X Network April 21-22 Nebraska Bigfoot Conference—Boggy Creek Days! Hastings, NE Bigfoot Conference 2023 ( May 12-13 Annual Philadelphia UFO Conference May 19-20 McMenamins UFO Fest May 20-21 Parasychon May 13-15 West Coast Halloween Convention ​June 2023 TBD Great Florida Bigfoot Conference June 10 UFO, Paranormal & Spiritual Conference The West Usk Lightouse, Newport, UK June 2-3 STM Monsterfest June 17, 2023 Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference June 30—July 2 UFO Festival Roswell, NM July 1 Dimension G UFO Festival, Geneseo, Kansas Site of the Roswell Compass Co-sponsored by the Un-X Network ​August: 24-27 MUFON Symposium, Cincinnati, Ohio Stop by the Un-X booth and say hello! October 13, 14, 15, 2023 X-Con: Kansas City, Missouri– 3 days of paranormal! Cryptids, Hauntings, UFOs and more! Don't miss it!

October 28-29, 2023 Arkansas Paranormal EXPO, Little Rock, AR

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