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Oddest Events of 2023

by Violet Wisdom

2023 Round Up, Past, Present and Future!


The May 8 meteorite crash in New Jersey. The four-billion-year-old space rock crashed through a home in Hopewell and although it only weighs 2 ½ pounds, it made it all the way through the room and onto the living room floor. 

Still not fully explained might be the biggest longlasting headline of 2023, the Chinese Spy balloons. Left to conspiracy for follow up to American and Canadian citizens due to the subject being dropped like a… well, a lead balloon.


With 2023 being dubbed The Year of the UFO by some, that title is set to spillover into 2024. While several investigations, committees, reporting opportunities and laws passed to protect those with UFO information were created in the last year, none have fully released any solid information. 2023 ends with vows to press forward on the complete release of all information both classified and top secret. Adding to this grand quest are candidates who are putting the demand for UFO transparency at the top of their campaigns. 2024 already promises to keep the ball rolling. 


Through virtual reality? Quite possibly. Move over gamers, everyone will be eyeing your VR goggles soon. Already in early stages of application, the futuristic technology is being tested for use in health care, engineering and real estate. No one is predicting VR vacations, but, gotta say… I’d be tempted.

Also on 2024’s big goal list:

Quantum Computers- 

Ahh, the old double-edged sword here. Imagine knowing exactly what the weather will be on a specific day six months in advance. Quantum computing could solve the biggest mysteries of the universe and at the same time allow any program hacked in a matter of seconds. Just like AI, expect to see governments worldwide create laws to restrain advancing technology. Then again, just like AI, the laws themselves will likely be rendered a waste of time by the very technology they attempt to control. 


Hang on to your hats. This terrifying disaster of an idea will only grow to more applications in 2024. At least we can all agree that so far, given its ability to moderate social media… AI is thus far a complete failure. And don’t even try to order anything customized through a fast food drive through, pretty sure I saw smoke coming out of the screen last time I tried. 

Whatever 2024 brings, 

From our house to yours,


Violet Wisdom 


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