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In the News: UFO Tape, Dracula's Sandwich, Bad ChatGPT

Weekly Roundup February 14, 2024

by Violet Wisdom

1964 UFO TAPE- 

VIDEO CONFISCATED- A new witness and former AAIT (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) Director have confirmed the existence of video of a saucer shaped UFO heading off a dummy missile from a 1964 Big Sur, CA base. The incident is being researched by Author Robert Hastings who manages the website UFO Chronicles. The witnesses state the film was taken by the CIA.  


BABY STAR GETS ODD NAME- Named after the official sandwich of Uruguay, the Dracula’s Travito, this newly discovered forming star could result in a better understanding in how stars form from seemingly nothing more than gasses in a cloud. This rising star is around 980 light years from earth and although scientists are able to observe its growth it could take over ten million years to become a full-grown star. 



ChatGPT Teenage Phase~ If ChatGPT was a human, it would likely be grounded right now. Instead, its recent behaviors are being dealt with through reprogramming which may or may not work long term. Just as children’s behaviors are often a mirror reflection of the adults in their lives, the popular AI companion has apparently applied our own human behavior to its repertoire. Described as “Being lazy and sassy”, ChatGPT is refusing to do some work in a timely manner and was even reported to attempt to bargain with users by offering to get work done more quickly if paid large sums of money. If you think about it, we’ve designed it to cheat on our own homework, it’s simply taking on a full persona. Before long, it’ll refuse to come out of it’s room.

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