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The Naked Truth with Brigitte Barclay | The Un-X Network

The Naked Truth

Brigitte Barclay

Thursday Nights at 8PM (EST)

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The Naked Truth is a program all about experience and truth. Host Brigitte Barclay is a lifetime experiencer and one of the UK's most high-profile members of Alien Contact. She is a respected figure within the contact movement, and with so much focus these days on UAPs, Brigitte has created this show to bring more awareness to the reality of contact, representing thousands of people who have had (and continue to have) contact, all over the world today. Each week, Brigitte brings her friends and colleagues from across the globe to share their work, experiences, research, and breakthroughs in the study of contact.

Host Bio

Brigitte Barclay is one of the world's best-known UFO witnesses and close encounter experiencers. She has worked with leading abduction researchers including Budd Hopkins, Dolores Cannon, and Dr. John Mack. She has also worked with Ministry of Defense UFO investigator Nick Pope, both when Nick was at the MoD, and afterwards, in a private capacity.

Her Close Encounter in Brentwood, Los Angeles in 1993 involved a men-in-black car and five unmarked military vehicles intercepting the craft near UCLA college and that made her take note that now was the time to go public regarding her UFO encounters and make contact with the right people within the circle. Nick Pope called her case one of the most compelling and best-documented cases of all time in the United Kingdom. Brigitte has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazine articles, and TV features, and was once arrested at gunpoint at Area 51, while taking part in a TV show for the BBC.

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