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Debbie Ziegelmeyer

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Robert Davis, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized neurosensory research scientist. After receiving his doctorate degree in 1981 from Ohio State University, he served as a professor for over thirty years at The State University of New York. Dr. Davis presented his scientific research on the effects of toxic stimuli on the brain and sensory systems at numerous national and international scientific conferences of which include, invited lectures at Harvard, Cambridge, and Beijing Universities. His research studies have been awarded major grants from both, The National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health and The National Institute of Health. Dr. Davis’s academic papers include a volume, upwards of sixty articles which have been published in various scholarly journals. 

Since retiring in 2014, Robert Davis, Ph.D., has published three books, (“The UFO Phenomenon; Should I Believe?”, “Life After Death, An Analysis of the Evidence”, and “Unseen Forces; The Integration of Science, Reality & You”), in addition to numerous chapters and articles in The Journal of Consciousness Studies, The Journal of Scientific Exploration, and Edge Science. He has been invited to lecture on these topics at both national and international conferences as well as on radio shows, to discuss his research on human consciousness and the need for a paradigm shift which would integrate the physical sciences with the “Science of the Subjective”.


Dr. Davis is currently in co-production developing a documentary called, “The Consciousness Connection”, with Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Dave Beaty of Dreamtime Entertainment.

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