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The Calling: The Forgotten Files

with Shannon Rogers & Jennifer Lee

Thursdays at 7PM (EST)

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Shannon M. Rogers and Jennifer Lee are the hosts of a new and thrilling podcast that explores Missing and Unsolved Case, the Metaphysical and the human mind and how it deals with trauma and how it affects both the living and Spirit.

Host Bios

Shannon Rogers is an intuitive empath, paranormal Investigator, spiritual conduit, spiritual apothecarist, and event planner. She became interested in the metaphysical in 2011 and began paranormal investigations in 2019. Shannon says, "I was instantly hooked. I feel so grateful for my years in the metaphysical realm because I learned how to work with energy and spirit." During the Covid lockdown she was doing 1-3 investigations a week and decided to start Paranormal Explorations of America, where she would travel to different states hosting paranormal investigations. In 2019 I formed a paranormal team called Dyrect Lync Paranormal, later Grim Fatale Paranormal. She started a paranormal apothecary line that included Tar Water, Red Brick Dust Compound and Cleansing and Protection Kits. In 2020, she became the co-host of Beyond The Woodline Podcast with host Joe De Hoyos. Some of my evidence can be seen on the second season of Hotel Paranormal. On October 8th, Shannon's story aired on the 1-hour season premiere of A Ghost Ruined My Life, on Discovery Plus, presented by Eli Roth. Recently, she teamed up with psychic medium Jennifer Lee to start the new thrilling podcast called The Calling: The Forgotten Files that explores missing and unsolved cases, metaphysical and the human mind and how it deals with trauma which effects both the living and Spirit.

As of 2022, Lee has been practicing mediumship professionally for seven years. Helping others is at the core of why she does what she does. She prides herself on her ability to communicate with individuals and their loved ones on the other side, helping to facilitate healing, and to find peace and hope, knowing that life does not end with the death of the physical body. Lee says, “Using our intuition increases awareness of ourselves and can also provide beneficial guidance to help navigate our everyday lives. I believe that everyone can tap into this naturally.” Lee believes learning is never ending, that the journey of delving into the unknown is a continuous one. She believes we all have a lot to learn from each other. Her hope is to share knowledge with others through getting to know many amazing guests, their stories, and also to expand her own understanding of the many facets of this mysterious world.