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Starspeak with Maureen Richmond | The Un-X Network


with Maureen Richmond

Wednesdays at 8PM (EST)

Un-X Network | Listen Live

StarSpeak Podcast with astrologer Maureen Richmond brings Un-X listeners the inner message from outer space. Maureen takes her listeners on a tour of the zodiac to find out what’s astrologically happening in the heavens. The tour starts with our very own solar system. The Sun is our local star,
surrounded by its family of planets and their Moons. Each one of the planets, the Sun, and our Moon corresponds to an archetype grounded in myth.  When one or more of these archetypes acts, we feel it on Earth. Whether it’s as simple as the Moon sign, as complex as a configuration involving  several celestial bodies, or as astounding as the astrological influences at work during UFO encounters, Maureen explains it all. Listeners will learn  how astrological conditions affect paranormal perception, interpersonal relationships, career, money, health, and more. For Un-X listeners looking to understand life in the short-term, Maureen covers the astrological influences for the week ahead. For example, the fast-moving lunar cycle affects everyone, driving the ups and downs of emotional energies. For the more distant view, Maureen incorporates information on long-term astrological cycles, including the astrological ages, the orbital cycles of the outer planets, and planetary pair cycles, all explained in plain English. If you want to know what’s up in the astrological heavens, StarSpeak with Astrologer Maureen Richmond is just right for you.

Host Bio

MUFON member and Field Investigator Maureen Richmond has been a counseling and teaching astrologer since the early 1980s. She has advised
clients throughout the world, specializing in personal growth, spiritual path, life mission, interpersonal relationships, world trends, financial cycles, and
business timing. Maureen has written and lectured on a range of topics in astrology, including standard methods in western astrology such as natal
interpretation, electional, horary, relocational, the mythology of non-zodiacal stars and constellations, and long-term planetary pair cycles correlated to world events. Maureen’s current research interests center on the correlation between UFO/UAP sightings and identifiable astrological indicators, such as Mercury in geometric relation to other celestial bodies, retrograde and direct stations of Mercury, Mercury retrograde, the geometrical relationships of major planetary pair aspects within the zodiac, the role of the lunar nodes, Mars retrograde, the direct and retrograde planetary stations, and total solar eclipses.

Maureen holds a Ph.D. from Arkansas State University in Heritage Studies, a multidisciplinary academic field including history, historic preservation, museum studies, and folklore. She is also a creative writer, with the M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. He has written two astrologically-themed novels, Cathedral of Capricorn and The Scholars of Sagittarius, both available on Amazon.

Find Maureen Richmond at the links above.

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