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X Members Get Discount to Midwest Conference!

The Midwest Conference on the Unknown will be held August 5 - 7, 2022 at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Cape Girardeau is the home of the 1941 UFO Crash, which was made public when Charlotte Mann, the daughter of a local minister, came forward with the information in the 1980's. The area is known as a UFO and paranormal hotspot.

Strange Tales Midwest Conference on the Unknown Strange Tales 2022

August 5 - 7, 2022 Cape Girardeau, Missouri (Site of the 1941 UFO Crash) Multiple speakers - vendors

Speakers Micah Hanks, Ryan Sprague, Ken Gerhard, Joshua Cutchin, Steve Ward, Zach Bales, Margie Kay, Michael Huntington, Courtney Block, Dr. Joel Rhodes.

Tickets are available at:

Un-X Members only: use promo code KAYVIP FOR A 30% DISCOUNT!

Be sure to stop by our Un-X Network booth and say hi to Margie Kay and Race Hobbs!

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