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Weekly Roundup November 18

By Violet Wisdom

  • New Documentary, Old Story

“The Man Who Wanted to Make Contact”, is a new documentary coming out March, 2023. Based on the 1966 UFO sightings in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The mystery lights were also seen in Michigan, prompting a MI Air Force base to send jets in an investigation attempt.

Another blast from the past making headlines this week is out of Grand Haven, Michigan. The 1994 sighting reported by at least 300 people is back in the forefront after the story made it on Netflix’s, Unsolved Mysteries.

  • Can You Hear Me Now????

University of St. Andrews in Scotland is ready to not only communicate with alien life, their new technology will help them better translate any possible voicemail from outer space for effective communication. The SETI Post-Detection Hub also aims to include experts in fields beyond Astronautics. When the moment finally arrives, that moment we’re all sitting in front of our televisions actually listening to a conversation between us humans and them, people are going to freak out. Political and religious leaders will both need help dealing with an undeniable alien presence. Think of it like a triage team for human mentality.

  • Area 51 Researcher Raided by the FBI

“I am not a spy” says the man whose homes in Las Vegas and Rachel, Nevada were raided by the FBI last week. Although it is unclear exactly what agents were looking for, they left Jeorg Arnu’s home with his computers, phones and camera equipment. His website, “Secrets of Area 51 Revealed” likely has something to do with the uninvited guests.

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