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Weekly Roundup: NEW CAMERA REDEFINES “MICRO” - New Book - Bigfoot Sighting in MO

By Violet Wisdom

Image courtesy of the creators


From a giant box on sticks in the 1830’s, to the clunky polaroid of the late 1940’s to the pocket sized thin little phones in our pockets, photography tech has been getting smaller and better since its inception. Being under video or photo surveillance literally everywhere has become a accepted though eerie way of life. We already know cameras can be so small and well hidden they are impossible to be noticed. Now imagine one being about the size of a grain of salt. This new micro-camera is just about that size and takes high definition photos that are as good or better than the latest smart phone can capture. The camera is being publicly considered for medical use.


Bestselling Author of Watergate, Garret M Graff has released his latest book,

Getting quite a bit of media attention, the book includes his research results on documented sightings, government programs and space research.


A recent Bigfoot sighting near Lebanon, Missouri comes from quite a reliable source, a retired Sheriff. According to 101 The Eagle, the former sheriff along with another witness saw the huge creature in the road pick up a six-point buck and carry it over an eight foot wall. You know, It is hunting season. Whether BF had a license is still not known.

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