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Un-X Special Presentation - The Scale of UFOs in the USA: States and Shapes July 9

Cheryl Costa will present UFO States and Shapes for our Special Monthly Presentation on Saturday, July 9, 2022 at 2:00 pm Central Time. This is a ZOOM webinar.

USA- States and Shapes -

written by Cheryl Costa and Linda Miller Costa.

Presented by Cheryl Costa

When we look at the UFO Sightings Statistics for the whole United States it tells one amazing story. But if we examine the individual states, we find an entirely different and unique set of stories. In this presentation, Cheryl will dazzle you with USA’s distinctive UFO statistics as well as with individual UFO Shape sighting patterns over the USA and individual states mapped right down to the Zip Code. This is a rare, detailed presentation of the highlights from Cheryl and Linda’s deep dives into the 2001-2020 UFO Sighting Report Data. It’s a presentation not to be missed.

Cheryl Costa is a two-service military veteran, a retired aerospace security engineer and a published playwright. She has had a lifelong interest in UFOs. From 1998-2001 she hosted “The X Factor” talk radio program in Washington, DC, covering UFOs and many other paranormal topics. In 2013 she began writing NEW YORK SKIES a weekly newspaper blog for In the column she shares lively accounts of New York State UFO sightings. Cheryl’s live presentations are known for their frankness, humor, and a bit of theatrical flair.

$2.99 pp, free to X Club Gold Members

Join Zoom to participate - get your free account set up at in advance.

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