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UFOs Best Seen in the West U.S., AI Aliens, and More!


MOST LIKELY TO SEE A UFO- According to geographers at the University of Utah, the western United States is the best place to see a UFO. The largest concentration of sightings known as hotspots run north from New Mexico and west to the pacific coast. A smaller hotspot can also be found in the northeast tip of the United States. 


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VIEWOne explanation for western hotspots is the air itself. Especially in less populated areas, the sky has less light pollution and is therefore clearer. Much of the west being mountainous or desert, there are also fewer trees which allow a better view.   Clearer skies, fewer trees, less pollution and light pollution in rural areas. It could be assumed that the frequency of UFOs entering our line of sight isn’t less in other areas, just more difficult to see. 


AI ALIENS- NEW MEXICO- Using radio signals in combination with artificial intelligence, researchers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory believe they could find proof of extraterrestrial existence. While AI technology is being utilized in the search for extraterrestrial life, it has also been suggested this week that it could be extraterrestrial life. To simplify; a non-organic lifeform of artificial intelligence could be a cyber resident. If this is the case it would explain the lack of biological evidence, although both could exist. 

It is also worth noting that the concept of uploading human consciousness into a machine was suggested by Michio Kaku over a decade ago. There’s something to think about. 

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