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UFO Swarm Observed Over Madison County, Missouri

By William Jud

I had been complaining of boredom because nothing interesting was going on.

That changed on Saturday night, 22 October 2022.

Around 9:00 p.m. my neighbor started banging on my door. A forest fire was approaching, and I needed to evacuate.

The Cherokee Pass Rural Fire Department had already arrived. US Forest Service and Missouri Conservation firefighters also came. Two bulldozers and several firefighters with leaf blowers started work. By the time the fire was contained, the fire was just 500 feet from my house.

We went to the neighbor's house and sat on the porch, talking, and watching the stars. Some of the stars were moving erratically. Some were flashing on and off and changing color. Stars don't move that way. They weren't stars. They were not aircraft. They were not satellites. They were a UFO swarm.

Yes, real UFOs. Real, legitimate UFOs. Doing what UFOs are famous for doing.

Parked unmoving in the sky, then immense acceleration, then an abrupt stop. Moving across as much as 5 degrees of sky in one second and one jump. One bright red UFO zoomed across 15 degrees of sky in about 10 seconds and appeared to stop and hover in the vicinity of Marquand.

Three or four airplanes crossed the sky, moving in straight lines, at a constant speed, with red and white blinking identification lights. Completely normal airplane behavior. Not UFOs. No confusion.

There were islands of scattered clouds internally mixed with areas of open sky. Airplanes crossing the cloud islands disappeared behind the clouds and reappeared across the patches of open sky. Some moving UFOs dimmed but did not disappear when crossing the cloud islands, suggesting that the UFOs were flying within or under the clouds, and offering an estimate of flight altitude.

One bright white UFO displayed a cluster of several smaller satellite lights, some blinking, some constant, and some with white, blue, and red changing colors. My neighbor got still photos and video motion pictures on his telephone camera. The video recording does show some detail under magnification, displaying a 4-armed cross, +, extending top - bottom - left - right from the central UFO body.

No sound was noticed, but the UFOs were high up and miles away, probably too far for any sound to be heard.

UFO sightings records go back thousands of years, are shown in ancient petroglyphs in the southwestern States, and are mentioned abundantly in the Bible and other historical documents. Those UFOs come in two flavors: Solid Material UFOs, and Energy Projection UFOs.

UFOs made of solid physical material must (as far as we know) obey Newton's 2nd Law of Motion: Force = Mass x Acceleration.

UFOs made of solid material, probably Mothership types, would instantly break apart if doing the extreme start-stop changes in speed and instant, zero-radius turns for which UFOs are famous. Living creatures onboard would go SPLAT against a hard surface.

UFOs that are Energy Projections are not limited by Newton's 2nd Law because photons have no mass so Newton's equation reads Force = zero x Acceleration, or zero Force.

An example is a Photon Energy Beam from a flashlight shining a spot of light onto a wall. You can move and shake the flashlight as fast as you want and the moving light spot on the wall will not influence the flashlight because light photons are massless and Newton's 2nd Law equation equals zero.

Probable Energy Projection UFOs have been seen entering the water without making a SPLASH. A solid UFO definitely would make a VERY BIG SPLASH. An Energy Projection UFO would not disturb water any more than shining a flashlight beam into the water.

Now there may be a third category of UFO, and that has the US Department of Defense worried. DoD and NASA currently are studying UFOs to determine whether some modern UFOs are homegrown, that is, built by US enemies. These worrisome UFOs include the more conventional drone aircraft and also functional reproductions of traditional (space alien?) UFOs.

Solid material UFOs crash occasionally. What if a UFO crashed in China, Russia, or North Korea, and the scientists and engineers took the UFO apart, found out how it works, and built a fleet of UFOs to be loaded with nuclear weapons and flown into American skies when the opportunity arises? Not as far-fetched as it may seem, and our National Security people are investigating.

If DoD and NASA are interested, I'm interested.

An exciting night. I have long wanted to see a UFO and Saturday night I saw a dozen, plus the danger of a forest fire that came within the width of a gnat's eyebrow from destroying my house.

Were UFO swarms seen at other locations that night along the 37-38 degrees north latitude "Paranormal Freeway"? Do UFO swarms often happen in southeast Missouri? Is there a geological connection? Does this mean anything?

Look at the sky next time you are outside on a clear, very dark, moonless night.

Some of the lights in the sky may not be stars.

Stay tuned.

William Jud

Fredericktown, Missouri

------------------------------------------------- Congress holds historic public hearing on UFOs The hearing on what the U.S. government officially calls "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAP) comes after years of unexplained sightings, primarily by U.S. military personnel, of flying objects, which often had no "discernable" propulsion systems and unusual "movement patterns."

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