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Recently on DREAMLAND with Whitley Strieber, on the X!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Most podcasts take a very one-dimensional approach to the idea of what our visitors are: they’re aliens. From the beginning, Whitley called them visitors because we don’t know that. Even though we have debris and bodies and maybe even intact disks, we have no idea where they came from in space and time.

Let’s take a fresh look, and for the next two weeks we’re going to do just that on Dreamland–and the results are stunning. Never, ever will you have heard a conversation like this!

Three amazing experts join Whitley to tackle the question of just what does “real” mean when it comes to UFOs and close encounters? Even if we are dealing with beings from another planet, they are NOT like us…or is it that they play games intended to make us think that? Whitley’s Super Natural co-author, Jeff Kripal, American Cosmic author Diana Walsh Pasulka and Rhodes Scholar, University of Texas professor and Ford Foundation program officer John Phillip Santos explore these topics as never before, walking what Whitley calls the “shadow line” between us and our visitors. And what is that shadow line? As Jeff Kripal puts it, “we are the future of the past and the past of the future.” But if time is not linear, what does that mean? And could the truth be, then, that our visitors know more than we do about who we are? And do we know more than we realize about them?

This is the first of a two week show as we dig deep into the unknown with three of the most powerful minds working in this field. Next week, why are the insiders now calling the visitors our “sponsors,” and are the materials from other worlds or from the future, and could we, ourselves, be technology?

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