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Tips for a Paranormal Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Let's face it - some of us just are not normal, and we crave weirdness, spookiness, and anything out of the ordinary. So why should V-Day be anything different? Here are some tips to surprise your paranormal Valentine and have a spooky at-home evening:

  • Order some good grub or make something savory yourself. Bloody Hagas comes to mind, but whatever suits your fancy will work!

  • Pick up some blood-red roses and put them in a black vase. You might want to throw a few black roses in, too!

  • Buy a bottle of dark red wine to serve with dinner. For a non-alcoholic drink black cherry juice mixed with sprite makes a nice spooky red drink.

  • For dessert, make a chocolate heart shaped cake with cherry filling and top with red cherries. (or buy one) Put a plastic scull on top for pizazz.

  • Be sure to put some red and black candles on the table and dim the lights for dinner to set the mood.

  • Get your favorite scary movie ready to go after dinner and cuddle up. "The Haunting" comes to mind.

  • Be sure to listen to the "X" for most of the evening!

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