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The X is one of the fastest growing broadcasters

The KUNX-db Un-X Network is one of the fastest growing paranormal broadcasters. According to a recent release by Radio Online, the Un-X Network ranked number three. This was accomplished in just twelve short months since the launch of the network on October 31, 2021.

Kansas City, MO, November 08, 2022 --( The Un-X Network began operations on October 31, 2021, with a few shows airing evenings Monday through Friday, and the anchor show, “Fade to Black” with Jimmy Church, which plays Monday through Thursday at 10 pm EST for three hours.

Race Hobbs, Program Director

Network owner Margie Kay from Kansas City, Missouri attributes the success of KUNX-db to much effort and the superb talent of the show hosts and staff. “I never imagined that we would grow this quickly, but I knew if I had the right program director, everything would fall into place,” said Kay. Margie hired Race Hobbs from Van Buren, Arkansas as network programming director since she knew he was an expert in the industry and had remarkable success with a station he founded in 2012. The two worked together for several years with a clear vision that they could quickly launch a new network.

Part of the Un-X Network success is its diversity and content. KUNX-db is a subsidiary of Un-X Media Publishing, which publishes paranormal books by various authors, and the Un-X Magazine with Lee Speigel from Southhampton, NY as managing editor. Lee is well known internationally as the only person in history to produce a UFO presentation for the United Nations and as a writer for The Huffington Post and Omni Magazine. Un-X Magazine covers all aspects of unexplained phenomena with articles by various contributing writers including Dennis Cromwell, Violet Wisdom, Dan Terry, Lee Speigel, Margie Kay, and others. Currently, there are 22 programs on the Un-X Network including “Dreamland” with Whitley Strieber, “Sasquatch Tracks” with Micah Hanks, “The Micah Hanks Show,” “Un-X News” with Margie Kay, “Edge of Reality Radio” with Lee Speigel, “Unexplained Phenomena” with Ben Hurle, “Entity Voices Paranormal Evidence” with the EVP team, “UFO Chronicles Podcast” with Nik Hunter, “Shifting the Paradigm” with Cristina Gomez, “Most Haunted” with Dan Terry, “Mystic Lounge” with Alan B. Smith, “3PNR” with Adam Rodriguez, “Connecting the Universe” with Mike Ricksecker, “The Convergence Enigma” with Josh Rutledge and Stefan Gearhart, “Paranormally Blonde” with Deedee and Sara V, “Into the Fray” with Shannon Legro, “The Calling – The Forgotten Files” with Shannon Rogers and Jennifer Lee, and “The Paranormal 60” with Dave Schrader. More shows are planned to launch in November and December and weekend programming will be added in 2023. All shows are replayed so programs air 24 hours a day. Eight shows listed above are also aired simultaneously on the Un-X Network YouTube Channel. All programs are available by going directly to the Un-X website or on apps such as iTunes, iHeart Radio, Paranormal Talk Radio, Spotify, and many more. The “X” offers a free subscription which includes blog articles, a monthly newsletter, and the digital issue of the quarterly Un-X Magazine. An upgraded membership may be purchased for $129 which includes free access to special presentations on ZOOM, a print copy of the magazine, and a ticket to the annual X-Con in Kansas City, Missouri, hosted by the Un-X Network. Subscription and network information is available at


KUNX Digital Broadcasting Network Margie Kay

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