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by Violet Wisdom

Articles out this week suggest as Americans we should consider keeping the UFO/UAP Pandora box shut tight. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons being offered:

  1. Military security secrets and or technology needed to protect us could be the source of some sightings and if made public would put us in danger.

  2. We don’t need congressional approval to find out if aliens are real because if they are, someone will slip up and share that classified tidbit eventually. 

IF top secret defense technology was ever found to be the cause of a sighting during AARO investigations it would be disclosed as such without any security breaching details. As for an inevitable leak, if that was the case it would have happened seventy years ago and continued on since. 

There is an obvious limit to how deep declassification will go before the walls go up. Whatever it is that has been kept from us all these years is being protected for some reason that has nothing to do with keeping us safe.  

These little suggestions are  a means of inducing doubt. This process is called gaslighting. A subtle, friendly way to get you to start to consider having doubts until eventually you agree. 

The big question here is why? What are we getting too close to? 

I know you have ideas…

And we want to hear them.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and or on our Facebook group The Unexplained NETWORK KUNX-db Broadcasting.

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