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Strange Stuff this Week!

Weekly Roundup March 31, 2023 By Violet Wisdom

#3 TINY HOMES: UFO STYLE- Who needs a van down by the river when you can have your very own fully functioning, off-grid, spaceship shaped tiny house? The northern Ohio company, Futuro Houses, manufactures these 600 square foot mobile units which include a kitchen and bathroom that runs off wind and solar power and collected rainwater. The homes can even be completely customized. Definitely worth a look!


#2 PULLING THE BREAKS ON AI- Many of the world's top AI developers released an open letter this week imploring scientists to stop all AI advancement. The letter from the non profit, Future of Life Institute goes one step further in stating governmental intervention in the case the warning isn’t heeded.

Reasons for the demand range from the possible loss of jobs for humans who could be replaced by AI to the possibility of AI infiltrating the internet with information designed to create civil unrest. The letter was signed by over a thousand people including Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk.

I have to admit, here at the UnX office we have had some recent problems that we are sure were caused by AI. Mini crumb cake blueberry muffins have been appearing in our Aldi deliveries while no-one here would order those darn things. That’s where it starts. One day it’s innocent looking muffins, the next a veritable apocalypse.


#1 WHEN FERNS CRY- Do you love your plants? Like, really love your plants? Do you seem to just know when they need watered, or more sunlight or even repotted? If you’ve ever considered yourself to be a plant whisperer you actually might be one. Plants cry. Yep, when plants are thirsty or harmed, they actually cry.

A recent scientific report published by Cell Journal details plant sounds that are believed to be heard by other plants, animals and specifically insects.


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Mar 31, 2023

I am SO happy to hear someone wants to stop this AI creation expanding rampage. When I read about people we don't know, creating AI that will be smarter than man, I become very afraid for all of us. Smart people don't always have common sense! AI smarter than man could, eventually, destroy all of us.

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