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Meet Your X-Con 2023 Emcee- Race Hobbs!

Race Hobbs

Programming Director UnX Network

Race was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas and raised there most of his life. The Fort Smith River Valley is a friendly, cozy place nestled in the Arkansas River Valley, with plains to the west and prairies to the east, and national forests to the north and south with some of the best hunting and fishing in the world right here in what Arkansan’s call “The Natural State"! This is the hometown Race was raised in. Keen on hunting and fishing, Race has a deeply rooted love for his environment – a love for the wildlife and the land of his home, respect for his ancestors and the trials they had to overcome to make this a place they could call home.

Family, history, and the natural world have shaped everything about Race throughout his entire life. He graduated from Fort Smith Northside Sr. High in 1987 with a major in history. Race enjoyed his civil service work for the US Navy at NAS-Dallas as a GS-4 in Fitness/Recreational Services. Race also worked as an FM Broadcaster for thirteen years at three radio stations in three different markets. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, CA., Dallas, TX., Albuquerque, NM., and Little Rock, AR. Race is the founder of KGRAdb Radio, the Global Radio Alliance, and served as executive director and head of programming for KGRAdb for over ten years. Currently, Race is working for his long-time friend, Margie Kay, here on the the X... explaining the uneXplained. Race brings his years of terrestrial radio experience to the digital broadcasting revolution. Race is one of the first personalities to start live remotes from UFO/paranormal events around the country, making appearances to meet listeners and broadcast live radio. You will not find a man more passionate about radio and the subjects the X KUNXdb covers. With more than a decade programming talk radio, hosting his own shows, and thousands of hours in the producer’s seat, there’s probably not anyone more knowledgeable about the research community and where it might all be heading. Race has researched and investigated the UFO phenomenon for over thirty years. In 1990, he was a witness to something very unusual over south Fort Smith. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was something that he had never seen before and spawned his curiosity into the UFO subject. He started The Fort Smith Arial Phenomenon Research Group in 1992, and began officially investigating sightings in the River Valley area. Race is one of thousands, perhaps millions, of people that have a true interest in the search for the truth regarding the UFO phenomenon and things unexplained. “I continue to look forward to the day we all know the truth about what has clearly been invading the air space, over our cities and towns, our military installations, and country sides with absolute impunity. One thing is for certain, UFOs have been here, UFOs are here, and everyday citizens from every walk of life are seeing them.” Today, his passions include family, researching the UFO phenomenon, being in nature, sky watching, and working his faith in God through fellowship in the Catholic church. Race resides in the beautiful Fort Smith River Valley with his lovely wife Robin "Bird", three children and six grandchildren!

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