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Is Meramec State Park Haunted by Spirits of the Past?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

By Pat Aman

Meramec State Park is a beautiful area in Franklin County Missouri. It's about 60 miles southwest of St. Louis off Highway 44 near Sullivan Missouri. The Meramec River flows beautifully through this magnificent, forested area and provides everything for people from fishing and floating to just being able to sit and enjoy the lovely views. The bluffs along some stretches of the river have a lot of limestone. I mention this because limestone seems to be connected to some of paranormal cases.

Photo: Meramec State Park

The Park has about 11 cabins that

were built during the Great Depression in the 1930's. President Franklin Roosevelt established the CCC, the Civilian Conservation Corp, to create jobs to help people get back to work. During this time, a lot of young men were hired to build structures in state and national parks, and then they also lived in these cabins. Today, these dwellings can be rented by the public. There's no Wi-fi, TV, radio etc. These awesome cabins are fully furnished with not just furniture, but linens, appliances, etc.....just like home.

It's known, by some of us, that this area has had and can still have unexplained things occur. While enjoying our "cabining" experiences (we don't go "camping", but we do go "cabining"), we've had paranormal experiences in a couple of the cabins. In 2014, my husband, my brother, his wife and I were staying in one of these homes away from home when this incident happened.

There are times when out of the blue something in my head says, "Take a picture of this." When I listen to that inner voice, I usually end up with pictures that create questions, but have no answers.

The 'voice' I heard this one particular day, told me to take a picture of the cabin's kitchen door. That's a strange subject for a picture, but I did what my little voice told me to do. When I looked at the picture on my camera, it had turned out very blurry (picture 1). To see if I had a problem with my camera, while standing in the same spot I turned to the right and took a picture of flowers that were on the kitchen table (picture 2). This picture, as you can see, came out perfectly clear.

Photo 1

Photo 2

I then turned back to the door, took another picture and THAT picture came out blurry like the first picture did (picture 3).

My sister-in-law was in the living room, and I called her over and showed her what was happening on the pictures. While we were standing there discussing this odd occurrence, at the same time we both sort of shivered, looked at each other and said "WHOA!" We had been startled by a very cold breeze that had gone THROUGH both of us! At the same time, we both blurted out "did you feel that?". Laughing and sort of in shock, we couldn't believe what had just happened.

After that happened, I decided, for whatever reason, to take another picture of the door. That picture came out nice and clear as you can see in picture 4:

  • We've heard, faintly, a radio playing old songs from the 30's/40's.

  • Another time, three of us were in the living room having a conversation. We were interrupted when we heard moans coming from an empty corner of the room.

  • We woke up one morning and walked into the living room area and saw small, bare footprints in a row on the cushion of the futon. It looked like maybe a child had walked on it. No children were with us. I don't understand or try to explain what happened at those times, but they were great paranormal experiences.


Pat Aman is a retired church secretary, great grandmother, and has been happily married for 58 years. During her lifetime she has seen two UFO’s, lived in a house that had an unfriendly spirit, and became very interested in Cryptids.

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