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Get the Fall Issue of Un-X Mag!

The Fall issue of Un-X Magazine is out! Thanks so much to #Deedee Jebrail, #Dan Terry, #Cristina Gomez, #Joey George, and #Chris Allgood for great articles. And a special thanks to #Race Hobbs for finalizing a great cover, and to the one and only #Lee Speigel, our managing editor!

Articles: Brandon Fugal Reveals Disturbing Events at Skinwalker Ranch, Haunted USS North Carolina, Keys to Interpreting Your Dreams, My Struggles as a Sensitive that are Fact-Based and Data Driven, The Floating Head, Don’t Panic—with Halloween Approaching, Don’t Let Fear and Misinformation Stop the Party, Must-Have Paranormal Equipment– the Rem Pod, The Missouri Witch Hunts, Skinwalker Ranch Crossword, The Web we Weave, Davy Crockett’s Encounter with a Bigfoot and more!

Enjoy it in print or as a digital version.

Note: Un-X members receive a free digital copy. To join, visit Share this info with your friends!

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