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Cube - Shaped UAP Reported in Tucson

By Margie Kay

On July 10 or 11, 2021 at 7 pm, Steve Barlow, a Navy veteran who holds an MS in Aviation Management saw something he can’t explain. He recently shared this experience with me:

Steve said, “I live in Tucson Arizona near Davis Monthan AFB. I reported this cube to Phoenix MUFON in 2021. I was watching UFO Witness on Max, Season 2 Episode 6 and was shocked to see how similar Justin Johnson's cube in Springfield, Missouri is to what I saw. I thought you'd like to have this in your archives. My cube was wobbling, and I couldn't see the top. One side was white as it spun and wobbled slowly. Also, it was a very overcast day here at dusk. This is what I reported to MUFON Phoenix:

"On July 11, 2021 (possibly July 10) at approximately 7 pm (+-15 minutes), I sat outside on my patio looking south watching clouds form. The clouds were grey, and it was cool out. We have DM air force base nearby and I worked aviation all my life, both military and civil. As I watched, I saw a black square flying directly north. As it flew I saw it rotated slowly and one side appeared to be white, which was not a reflection of light but was visible as it rotated. It covered one side completely in white, but it was on the side only, not underneath. Since I have been in military and civil aviation over 40 years, I could not readily identify it. It made NO sound, and followed a straight south to north trajectory, maintaining height at approximately 2000-3000 feet just west of our house. As it moved it rotated around itself slowly and at differing rates of rotation, almost wobbly but maintained course, speed, and altitude despite a SSE wind of almost 20 mph. This proved to me it was not a balloon. It was not an Amazon drone or any other known drone as nothing was externally mounted on it such as engines, wings, etc. It was just a soundless square going about 200 mph which I estimated as we have military jets fly over all the time and this helped assess size, height of object to best of my knowledge. After the initial sighting I got up from my patio chair and walked into the backyard to get a clearer view as it progressed north. Shortly after it disappeared into a grey cloud of weather. I had my cell phone but was so enamored by the object that when I finally took a picture it was too late. Since the sighting I have had no side effects other than curiosity. FYI: I did google and found that lights were reported over DM air force base at roughly the same time that day with air force denial, but a video (not mine) shows them."

I did an investigation of Justin Johnson’s cube sighting in Springfield, Missouri and interviewed him on Un-X News podcast along with another investigator who evaluated the video. Justin’s video is incredible. Watch the show here:

It's too bad that Steve did not get video, but it is understandable. When looking at something you cannot explain, the brain just wants to observe it, and often people do not think to grab their phone or camera until it is too late.

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