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AT&T Mystery Outage, AI Wedding, Weird Travel Guide

Weekly Roundup February 24, 2024

By Violet Wisdom


AT&T MYSTERY OUTAGE- A day after a massive AT&T cellular outage, headlines are mixed on possible causes. Solar flares, coding errors, and maintenance gone wrong are being equally presented from the nation’s top news sources. For most of the day of the outage the official response from AT&T was that the cause was unknown. What makes the outage all the more mysterious is its seemingly random effects. Phones under the same plan in the same area behaved differently throughout the day, one phone being in SOS mode for hours while others remained unaffected. While scientists state the solar flares (currently there have been three) were the most powerful seen in over seven years, they don’t believe they could have caused the outage also stating if they could, all networks should have been affected. To add to the mystery, it was announced late Thursday that the FBI is investigating the outage.  


ARTIST PLANS HYBRID WEDDING-  Well,that didn’t take long. Alicia Framis used AI to create her own version of a perfect man named AILex who she will marry this summer. While the wedding is being perceived as an act of artistic expression, there is a very real side to the use of AI to replicate relationships. In our historically post-pandemic lonely society, many are already turning to AI dating apps for companionship. While psychologists have found benefits of AI friends for people unable to form human to human relationships, there are also very real concerns about people becoming disconnected from others once they have bonded to AI. Unlike real people, AI bots are designed to behave exactly the way we want them to, which could increase our inability to handle the reality of a real relationship with other humans. Humans, which are by design, imperfect. 




ATLAS OBSCURA~ If the weirder the better is your idea of a great destination, Atlas Obscura has thousands of strange and odd places to go. Using the sites location search you can find the weirdest place to visit nearest to where you already are or are planning to go. Using the state of Missouri out of curiosity I found a Drive Through Bat Bar in a cave, A Psychiatric Museum (I’ve been there, highly recommend) and a castle in ruins. These are only three of 167 results for the state. Denver alone has 35. 

What is your Weird Destination Go-To? Share in the comment section or on our Facebook Page!

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