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By Violet Wisdom

Photo: The Archives for the Unexplained

NORRKOPING SWEDEN One of the largest archives on UFOs, the paranormal and all things unexplained is making headlines this week as it has reached its fifty-year anniversary. While Sweden might make you think of Volvos, IKEA and Mysa (you know, the Swedish version of Hygge, that super chill cozy up to the fireplace with a book and a cup of coffee in a super plain white mug fad that replaced Cottage Core? No? Never mind). Well, whatever they’re doing up there, it’s working. Sweden ranks fourth in the happiest country in the world. So, as it turns out, happy people are really into researching ghosts and ETs.

The Archives for the Unexplained, better known as AFU currently has 2 ½ MILES of shelves packed with photos, tapes, books, newspaper articles, videos and objects. Collections include over 4,000 cassette tapes, 2,000 VHS tapes, 73,000 magazines, 20,000 UFO reports, and over 29,000 books. Just over a week ago the AFU opened an exhibition specific to UFOs that will be open to the public through the first week of November. 

Research materials available have been sourced world-wide with many coming from here in the United States to include collections from Barry Greenwood and Kenny Young as well as 1950s UFO tapes from John Otto. If you are looking for a specific subject you can contact them through their website. The site doesn’t specify the cost for retrieval, although it does state they have digitized much of their collections and continue to digitize incoming donations. 

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