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Paranormally Blonde

with Deedee & Sara

Mondays at 7:00PM (EST)

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Two Blondes Dish on the Paranormal! New format, new topics, deeper digs and amazing guests. Paranormal talk for all.

About Deedee:

Deedee has been a Host and Co-Host for paranormal shows and podcasts since 2015. She also investigates locations that are said to be haunted and excels at capturing thought provoking images such as mists, apparitions, shadow figures and the unexplained. Deedee became interested in the paranormal after living in a house with unexplained occurrences in her 20's. This opened the door to paranormal investigations and research as well as the love for hearing others' experiences and helping them figure out what is going on, paranormal or otherwise.

About Sara V:


Co-founder of VP paRanormal, along with her two sisters. They have been exploring, investigating and researching different aspects of the paranormal for 20 plus years, in an organized manner. Along with Sara’s paranormal team, she also has been a co-host of a paranormal podcast for the last two years. Her desire is to expand on theories and learn more not only in psychology but the sociology of the genre. 

Part of Sara’s paranormal journey is studying Usui Reiki and becoming certified as a Reiki Master practitioner. She utilizes these skills in her investigations, both for self control and energy work.