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Un-X Magazine

Free Hard Copy Subscription

to the quarterly Un-X Magazine

Read compelling articles about UFOs/UAPs, extra-terrestrials, ghosts, haunted sites, near-death experiences, cryptids, time travel, fairies, and more by seasoned researchers and authors. 

Image by Alexandre Pellaes

Free Admission

to Monthly Presentations

Join us monthly, usually on the first weekend of the month, for a special presentation by a guest speaker. If you can't attend, no worries, the event will be recorded for you to view any time.

X-Con 2023

Free Admission

to Annual Virtual Conference

Attend our annual virtual conference where top speakers discuss UFOs/UAPs, Sasquatch & other cryptids, time travel, extraterrestrials, ancient mysteries, psychic phenomena & much more!

Subscribe to the X Club Gold membership for $129 per year and get a free hard copy of Un-X Magazine (in the U.S. only), virtual admission to X-Con and special presentations throughout the year! If you would like to receive the magazine by snail mail include your mailing address.


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